Fall is just around the corner…

Fall is just around the corner…

Where, oh where, has the summer gone?  With this heat we sure can’t call it fall yet; 111 degrees at the marina last week!

Because of the heat there is a lot of stuff in the water.  Please call to our attention any weed removal needs you may have around your berth.  We are doing our best, but they seem to grow faster than we can remove them.

We have a new BBQ on the patio for your use and enjoyment! (For safety, please be sure to turn the gas tank off, underneath the BBQ, when you finish using it).  We encourage you to have friends up and use the patio for a small gathering.

And speaking of gatherings, our Annual Berther Appreciationevent is scheduled for September 30th from 12 to 3 pm.  As always, we will show our appreciation to you — our berthers! — for being loyal members of our “family” with food and prizes.  Please join us for a fun afternoon.  We have several slips open and ready to rent, so if you have a friend who is looking for a new home for their boat, this would be a good event to bring them to, so they can see what an awesome place Driftwood Marina is.

A quick update – please keep in mind the new California Boater Cards are being phased in soon.  In just 3 short months,  on January 1, 2018, all watercraft operators, 20 years of age or younger will be required to take the boating safety class and exam and have their card on their person (just like a motor vehicle license) when operating anymotorized watercraft.  Each year the age goes up to legally operate motorized watercraft as follows:

January 1, 2018 20 years of age or younger
January 1, 2019 25 years of age or younger
January 1, 2020 35 years of age or younger
January 1, 2021 40 years of age or younger
January 1, 2022 45 years of age or younger
January 1, 2023 50 years of age or younger
January 1, 2024 60 years of age or younger
January 1, 2025 All persons regardless of age

More information is available at www.CaliforniaBoaterCard.com.  The DBW Boating Safety Course and exam is being offered, at no charge, at this time.

The warm (not hot!) days and calm waters of fall are almost here.  We hope to see you on the water and enjoying your boat Don’t forget to stop in the office and say hi!

Happy Boating, Mike